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Author: Teresa McDowell   Date Posted: 20 December 2017  

So many of us have become increasingly conscious of the potentially harmful ingredients contained in our skin care products.  It is well known that harsh, drying alcohols should be avoided due to the damaging effect they have on our skin.  

Confusion can happen when ingredients such as 'Cetearyl Alcohol' or ' Stearyl Alcohol' are listed on natural skin care products.   These alcohols however are from a group of natural 'waxes' or 'fatty alcohols' derived from vegetable oils which actually help to moist...

Author: Teresa McDowell   Date Posted: 11 September 2017  



What potential side effects linger due to toxins and heavy metals in our fish stocks? 

Industry increasingly leads to toxins such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury ending up in the flesh of fish – these contaminates bioaccumulate and we are at risk of ingesting them.

What is the impact of this global ‘fish oil’ industry that is expected to grow to $2.63 Billion by 2020?  Can we sustain the threat of over fishing?  Not only for fish itself but for the added use of oil as a health supplementation.

We’ve ...

Author: Courtney   Date Posted: 7 February 2017  


If you work hard and play hard, skin care is essen...

Author: Teresa McDowell   Date Posted: 26 November 2016  

As I find myself relaxing on a well overdue weekend away, I have re-discovered the many ways in which we can use our beloved Hemp seed oil when on holidays or simply winding down.

Whether you're at the beach, in the hills or the outback, this remarkable oil is a must in your travel bag.

Kick start your day with a good dose of EFA's...  Blend up your favourite fruit smoothie and add a good dollup of hemp seed oil to the mix.  Rich in Omega 3, 6 & 9 this vital oil sets the foundation for a ...

Author: Teresa McDowell   Date Posted: 11 May 2016  

Ten years in along the journey that is Hemp Hemp Hooray, my business may not be a Fortune 500 company, however there is great fortune at its core.  When starting Hemp Hemp Hooray the intention was never for it to be 'growth driven' or a deity to consumerism, it’s not about having more stuff, it’s about doing better with what we have.  About addressing the world’s needs in a healthy and sustainable way.

There are so many choices in this world and it’s important we remain conscious of how our purchases affect the health and wellbeing of not only ourselves but the planet as a whole. 

I listened to a wonderful speech from recent Logie Award Hall of Fame...

Date Posted: 27 May 2015  

With the delightful scent and flavour of Rose water and dipped in chocolate my personal favourite in the chocolate realm is indeed 'Turkish delight'.   Legend has a few examples of the origin of Turkish delight including the tale of a certain Sultan who believed the way to a woman’s heart was through her stomach and wanted an exotic and innovative sweet to woo his mistresses.  Couples exchanged the sweet treats as a token of love.

Exotic and innovative describes our beautiful Daily Moisturiser, hemp seed oil ...

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Author: Teresa   Date Posted: 21 May 2015  

The amazing hemp plant and it's incredible bounty of uses continues to fascinate, raise debate and inspire innovation.  With a trend toward sustainability, natural health and eco conscious consumerism, Hemp offers practical solutions to carry us through to an alternative way of living and doing business.


The Cannabis plant as a whole with its multitude of cultivars can produce an array of end pr...

Author: Teresa McDowell   Date Posted: 30 March 2015  

What is an area of most concern to you?  What sparks a fire in you that you wish you could act on?

Do you hold back, stay quiet, leave the challenge to others for fear of not knowing enough or feeling your skills of articulation aren't up to speed?


This has been very true for me over the years; many issues ignite concerns for me, issues such as the blatant hypocrisy of prohibition on cannabis/hemp, the degradation of our precious environment and all matters of human rights.


Having left school half way through year 12 and never recei...

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Author: Teresa   Date Posted: 19 March 2015  

Can you feel it?

Is change coming?


So many of us I am sure are somewhat frustrated, angry & disillusioned with the way life and law is increasingly unbalanced.  In this apparent world of 'freedom' treating our ailments naturally is illegal.   We have a system that supports the use of toxic pharmaceutica...

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Author: Courtney x   Date Posted: 2 October 2014  


Date Posted: 1 October 2014  

The Nab, in partnership with Channel 7's Kochie's Business Builders TV program came and interviewed Teresa about her business journey and her vision for the business.  She also talks about growing her customer base through online and social media channels.


Author: Courtney x   Date Posted: 10 September 2014  

Instead of spending last night on the couch with the TV remote I decided I was feeling energetic and went along to a Bikram Yoga class. A 90-minute class that circles through a series of 26 yoga poses in a room that is heated to a whooping 40 degrees. If you're thinking anyone who would voluntarily sign up for t...

Author: Courtney   Date Posted: 14 August 2014  



Skincare Tip 1: Truly healthy skin is the perfect balance of moisture and oil. We all use facial moisturisers, but did you know massaging in a power-packed face oil underneath your face cream will give your skin increased vitality, hydration and improved texture?

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Date Posted: 25 July 2014  

As a “skincare novice” approaching a new regime can seem daunting, especially when you come across a brand with a few too many products.  


When I was younger, I was such a novice. Not just to skincare, but to the importance of looking after yourself by...

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Author: Teresa   Date Posted: 10 July 2014  

Industrial Hemp has wide ranging potential and a plethora of uses too numerous to mention in one blog post.  Today however  I would like to highlight five of the most essential benefits we could all be taking advantage of.


1.  Skin health and best overall moisturiser  

Hemp oils ability to deeply moi...

Date Posted: 29 May 2014  


Author: Dale Eatts   Date Posted: 19 February 2014  

As cancer affects so many in todays society and most families are touched in some way by this dreadful disease more and more men, women and children are also enduring the ravages of the very treatments aimed at saving their lives.



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Author: Hythe Kent UK   Date Posted: 18 February 2014  


This light penetrating day cream moisturises and protects the skin without leaving a greasy residue; soaking directly into the skin bringing much needed vitamins and nutrients to hydrate and soften the skin.


Organically grown pure hemp seed oil, almond oil, shea butter and cocoa butter, cradled in a base of Divine Rose floral water, combine to creat...

Date Posted: 4 February 2014  

Do you want healthy, vibrant skin?  Do you want quality natural ingredients?

It’s reassuring to know you don't need chemical based products to improve the health of your skin.

Hemp Hemp Hooray has many wonderful options for all skin types including our hemp seed oil rich

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