First Aid Kit in a Jar

The wonderful healing potential of Hemp seed oil is becoming more and more evident.  With its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, hemp seed oil also offers nutritional benefit to the skin.  Packed with essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals this natural emollient is the perfect base for organic skin care products.
Add the incredible qualities of hemp to the healing blend of ingredients in our 'skin soothe' and you have (what many are calling) our 'first aid kit in a jar'.
Ingredients such as witch hazel floral water, myrrh tincture and essential oils including chamomile, sandalwood, teatree and lavender combine to create a product that aids many compromised skin conditions.
We have had testimonials from clients experiencing relief and healing from conditions such as -
contact dermatitis
itchy rashes
minor burns
sun burn
bed sores
cuts and abrasions
nappy rash
and compromised skin from the treatment of radiation and chemotherapy.
Why not include skin soothe in your natural medicine cabinet today?
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