Alcohol aint alcohol - what's safe in skin care?

Author: Teresa McDowell  Date Posted:20 December 2017 

So many of us have become increasingly conscious of the potentially harmful ingredients contained in our skin care products.  It is well known that harsh, drying alcohols should be avoided due to the damaging effect they have on our skin.  

Confusion can happen when ingredients such as 'Cetearyl Alcohol' or ' Stearyl Alcohol' are listed on natural skin care products.   These alcohols however are from a group of natural 'waxes' or 'fatty alcohols' derived from vegetable oils which actually help to moisturise the skin due to their 'fatty acid' content.

Alcohols to avoid are the damaging alcohols such as isopropyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol etc.  which have been mixed with 'denaturing' agents and additives.  Some manufacturers use these alcohols for their astringent qualities which shrink pores and tighten the skin or as a presertative in their formulations. There are many reasons to avoid these, non the least because of the damaging effect they have on the barrier function of the skin.   This drying, irritating ingredient can leave the skin vulnerable to bacteria, viruses and allergens.

Here at Hemp Hemp Hooray we pride ourselves on 'natural' and 'chemical free'...   Our vegetable emulsifying wax is from the 'fatty alcohol' group and we never use damaging alcohols, preservatives or fragrances in our formulations.  





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