Are the times changing.....?

Author: Teresa  Date Posted:19 March 2015 

Can you feel it?

Is change coming?

So many of us I am sure are somewhat frustrated, angry & disillusioned with the way life and law is increasingly unbalanced.  In this apparent world of 'freedom' treating our ailments naturally is illegal.   We have a system that supports the use of toxic pharmaceuticals with their life threatening side effects, yet demonises the use of a herb such as cannabis with no threat of overdose or harmful effects. 

For hundreds of years herbal medicine has fought against the medical establishment and herbalists were often persecuted and imprisoned.

It astounds me that  ‘evidence based’ pharmaceutical medicines which ALL have potential side effects, are legal because it's 'science based', yet herbal medicines are not deemed 'scientific' or seen as 'medicines' and therefore are often ruled against.  The 'art of healing' via herbs is lost in these rulings, an individual’s constitution, health history and many other factors are often not taken into account.  With herbal medicine the whole person is treated not just the 'symptom'.

We blindly let legislators rule in favour of chemical laden seeds and crops while penalising and even prosecuting Organic growers - not only is the biodiversity of the land threatened but ultimately our own health & wellbeing.  

Cannabis hemp a carbon sinking, soil regenerating plant has for 80+ years been illegal to cultivate yet global companies are free to Frack our farm land leaching toxic chemicals into our precious water table. 

I find it so hard to understand the hypocrisy here - yet it is understandable given the years of prohibition and favouritism of corporate wealth over planetary health.

I will not be jaded however; I will stand in hope and conviction that change is coming.  That we wil not accept the current status quo, remaining locked in the legislation of the past. 

We all have a voice and we all have a choice.  

We can all.......

* continue to shine a spot light on the issues we know need change.

* educate ourselves and others.

* choose ethical products and services.

* lobby your local, State and Federal Politicians 

* be bold and brave in your ideas and ideals

and above all stay optimistic and amazing.

Blessings, Teresa


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VOTE1 -Teresa

By: on 4 July 2018
OMG Teresa!!!! What you have written is what I’ve been trying so hard to convey through my words to others for years. The Pharmacutical Greed-Driven Fat Cats that have a hold over what nature has provided can be equated to the Petroleum Greed-Driven Fat Cats that have a hold over alternative forms of fuel that includes WATER!!!! How can a few corrupt/naieve humans declare something that nature herself has so freely provided, illegal? What’s illegal about a piece of flora? It’s not illegal to smoke tobacco that is laced with so many added deadly poisons nor to consume alcohol, occasionally resulting in violence and the deaths of innocent people, but it IS illegal to grow, possess and ingest all parts of cannabis, be it for relaxation or pain relief and immune-boosting. Extremely well written and oh how so true are your words.

It's great to find s

21 July 2016
It's great to find soeonme so on the ball

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