Changing the mentality around Hemp

Date Posted:31 January 2014 


In the 7 years since launching my product range, and the many years of interest beforehand, I have seen subtle changes in the perceptions of hemp however there is still so much more work to be done.

Many people still confuse Industrial hemp and Marijuana and are unsure of the differences in the function, use and potential of these two unique and incredible assets.   It takes time to release 80+ years of fear based propaganda and it takes time to instil a sense of trust to the hearts of a society which has been fed one side of the cannabis debate. Through education we can help release current fears and insecurities bringing back the reverence once held for this gift from nature.

I believe one person can make a difference - we live in the most amazing country with some of the most resilient people yet the majority of us go along with our lives in a routine that keeps us feeling secure. Trusting the systems and social beliefs created by laws, governments, religions and history. What if a few individuals challenged those beliefs, those laws, that history, to show another way.  A way that is NOT untested, a way that only 100 years ago was completely viable - 'HEMP'.

There is much work being done internationally with growing evidence to support the use of medicinal marijuana for a range of illnesses - however my main focus is the loss of potential both economically and environmentally through the restrictions placed on Industrial hemp. There are differing restrictions in different countries for example; it is still ILLEGAL to grow Industrial Hemp in America yet it is LEGAL to consume hemp foods there. Here in Australia we can obtain a licence to grow Industrial hemp in many states yet it is ILLEGAL to consume or sell hemp foods.

With the ever increasing stress placed on our farmers wouldn't government support to build a thriving hemp industry make sense? Hemp crops would supply fibre for paper, cloth, twine etc, the low THC seed is ideal for food and oil production. Hemp seed oil can be used for cosmetics, paints and anything that is currently petroleum based. Hemp crops can also improve soil conditions and soil degradation with it's long tap root it helps to hold the soil together. Farmers experiencing tough times may very well benefit from a new approach via Industrial Hemp.
It is my hope that in the not too distant future all jokes about hemp and fears will be put aside and common sense will bring this gem to the forefront of everyone’s imagination.....
hemp hemp hooray!

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