Do you want a natural Acne care solution?

Date Posted:1 May 2013 


Are you suffering from acne?
Never fear – Relief is here!
We have your new years resolution covered…. get clear, beautiful skin with the NEW AND IMPROVED Hemp Hemp Hooray ACNE CARE PACK – (PEG FREE)
Comes with a FREE hemp/organic cotton face washer
Acne affects many people of varying ages, whether through hormonal issues or dietary and environmental influences.  When it comes to skin care and Acne, keeping things simple is vital to prevent excess aggravation. Using a cleanser that won’t strip the skins natural oils yet is effective enough to remove dirt and impurities is vital.
Clear unsightly pimples, reduce redness and promote your skins natural healing ability.
HEMP HEMP HOORAY’S Natural Acne Care Pack is a gentle yet effective 2 part system designed to help combat acne prone skin.
Step one… dampen face and neck with warm water, massage desired amount of cleansing cream* all over the face and neck in a circular motion, taking time to lift all dirt and impurities.  Rinse well with warm water using the hemp organic cotton face cloth to ensure a thorough cleanse.
Step two… pat dry the face and neck, apply a small amount** of skin soothe to tone, moisturise and protect the skin.
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