Five Hemp Hemp Hooray skincare tips to keep your skin glowing through the Spring months.

Author: Courtney  Date Posted:14 August 2014 


Skincare Tip 1: Truly healthy skin is the perfect balance of moisture and oil. We all use facial moisturisers, but did you know massaging in a power-packed face oil underneath your face cream will give your skin increased vitality, hydration and improved texture?

We recommend: Ultimate Face Oil or Special Body Blend

Skincare Tip 2: Exfoliation

A gentle exfoliation a few times a week is vital. It will slough off dead skin cells, as well as clean out all the impurities that build up from sunscreen and makeup.

We recommend: Cleansing Cream using our gentle exfoliating hemp face cloth

Skincare Tip 3: Night Moisturiser

Skin needs some extra care at night. Use a nourishing, hydrating cream and take a few moments to massage them in. Your skin will gratefully accept the food, and use the ingredients to repair and rebuild skin cells as you sleep.

We recommend: Night Cream

Skincare Tip 4: The Power of The Compress

Skin responds exceptionally well to low heat and the gentle pressure of a warm towel. The ingredients are given the opportunity to thoroughly penetrate, and the skin is at once hydrated and refreshed.

We recommend: Hemp Hemp Hooray’s organic Hemp cloth

Skincare Tip 5: Leave a Moment

To get the very best from your skincare, allow each product to sink in to the skin for around a minute before applying the next one. Massage it in for added radiance and a boost to the circulation.

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