Healthy skin naturally - Hemp seed oil rich Ultimate Face Oil

Date Posted:4 February 2014 

Do you want healthy, vibrant skin?  Do you want quality natural ingredients?

It’s reassuring to know you don't need chemical based products to improve the health of your skin.

Hemp Hemp Hooray has many wonderful options for all skin types including our hemp seed oil rich Ultimate face oil.

As we age ceramide levels reduce resulting in dehydrated, dull appearing skin and wrinkles. Ceramide loss can be compensated by the topical application of essential fatty acids (EFA’s).

EFA rich, light penetrating hemp oil replaces lost moisture to gently feed the skin. Together with its 23% protein and 9 amino acids it is the Ultimate skin food.

Some Key Point to remember are:

The essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6 & 9) found in hemp oil closely resemble our skins lipids (fats)

Omega 3 with its anti-inflammatory action has a therapeutic benefit on problem skin conditions.

Omega 6 is vital for healthy skin function and is important because it provides lipids that coat the outer layer of the skin. Omega 6 deficiency symptoms include dry skin, hair loss and poor wound healing.

Omega 9 promotes healthy inflammation responses and although not present in large quantities, omega 9 fatty acid is the same as the oil produced by our skins glands.

Other KEY ingredients in our ultimate face oil include rosemary extract and the essential oils carrot seed, chamomile, black pepper and ylang ylang. The properties found in these various oils help boost circulation to the supportive tissues underneath the skin, assist in the removal of toxins leaving the skin fresh and firmer in appearance while the plant hormones in ylang ylang also promote cellular regeneration.

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