Heart behind the concept

Author: Teresa McDowell  Date Posted:11 May 2016 

Ten years in along the journey that is Hemp Hemp Hooray, my business may not be a Fortune 500 company, however there is great fortune at its core.  When starting Hemp Hemp Hooray the intention was never for it to be 'growth driven' or a deity to consumerism, it’s not about having more stuff, it’s about doing better with what we have.  About addressing the world’s needs in a healthy and sustainable way.

There are so many choices in this world and it’s important we remain conscious of how our purchases affect the health and wellbeing of not only ourselves but the planet as a whole. 

I listened to a wonderful speech from recent Logie Award Hall of Fame recipient Noni Hazlehurst in which she stated, and I quote..... *"We have to move from the age of consumerism to the age of creativity, from partisanship to fellowship, from product placement to concept placement and women are the ones to do it"

It reminded me of what has always been the 'Heart behind the concept' that is Hemp Hemp Hooray.  It is a platform for change, a portal of potential highlighting the many and varied benefits of an incredible natural resource that can sustain a new economy, a new way of being.  Away from the bottom line, the cash grab, the short-sighted practices that threaten our very existence.  Toward education, creativity, inclusion, innovation and diversity. 

I dream of a day when law and legislation does more to serve people and planet than vested interests.  When crimes against our environment or humanity in the name of ‘progress’ are prosecuted for the injustices they are.  When a non-toxic, ecologically sound plant will be free to serve once again, fulfilling its remarkable legacy of health and harmony on a very sick system.

Organic produce, Clean energy, Soil rehabilitation, Biodiversity, Bio fuel, Sustainable housing, Biodegradable plastics, Eco composites, Manufacturing, Sustainable farming, Healthy personal care products, Carbon sink, Environmental warrior, Peace, love & compassion advocate…..   these are the very real implications of a life lived with Hemp. 

What a great ‘concept!’


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