Helping heal damaged skin caused by Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments

Author: Teresa McDowell  Date Posted:19 February 2014 

As cancer affects so many in todays society and most families are touched in some way by this dreadful disease more and more men, women and children are also enduring the ravages of the very treatments aimed at saving their lives.

Hair loss, nausea, comprimised skin conditions such as rashes and burns all contribute to the challenges people face while fighting this menace.

As we learn more and more of the incredible benefits of cannabis hemp I just wanted to share with you all today a very special testimonial regarding our products and the relief Dale obtained while undergoing treatment.

"I have Pancreatic Cancer.

When I went through chemo, I started using Hemp Hemp Hooray skin soothe on my scalp as my hair fell out.  The skin on my scalp was really tight and sore and skin soothe really helped with that, as well as being a pleasant scent.

My wife used HHH body lotion to give me hand massages at that time; that was really relaxing.

Once I started radiotherapy I started putting skin soothe on my tummy each day where the radiotherapy was directed.  After 35 radiotherapy treatments I had very little burning on my skin, and I credit the skin soothe with protecting my skin.  I also use it as a general moisturiser - it just makes me feel more comfortable."

Dale Eatts




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The truth just shine

21 July 2016
The truth just shines thgrouh your post

By: on 17 February 2016
Can any of the hemp products heal skin cancer ?..

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