HEMP - its time is NOW - Hemp Hemp Hooray!

Date Posted:16 May 2014 

 After decades of prohibition and damaging legislation Hemp is finally gaining momentum despite government reactions and the ongoing 'war on drugs'.

Conscious consumers here in Australia are able to access hemp products such as organic hemp skin care, eco clothing and textiles, along with the growing immergence of hemp house building and construction.   Why is it then that here in South Australia family farmers are not legally able to grow this cash crop?   Progress has been made in all other states and it is time for local government and agricultural departments to stop and rethink the old tired rhetoric of the past.

The change is coming, we need to catch the wave.  The tide has been gently turning with much work from advocates over the past few decades, never losing faith even amongst great opposition.  That tide has built to a wave and very soon a Tsunami of opportunity may be missed if we don't act soon.  Even the US are now amending the Farm Bill legalising industrial hemp production for research purposes in states that permit it.  More than 70 bills have been passed already this year.

Anyone interested in supporting the cultivation of Industrial Hemp here in South Australia please join our IHASA (Industrial Hemp Association of South Australia) facebook page and communicate your concerns and aspirations - let's catch the wave.



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