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Author: Teresa McDowell  Date Posted:18 February 2014 

This light penetrating day cream moisturises and protects the skin without leaving a greasy residue; soaking directly into the skin bringing much needed vitamins and nutrients to hydrate and soften the skin.

Organically grown pure hemp seed oil, almond oil, shea butter and cocoa butter, cradled in a base of Divine Rose floral water, combine to create our gorgeous daily moisturiser.

Rose floral water is a gentle antiseptic and has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.Scented with pure essential oils of Rose and Patchouli, daily moisturiser has a rich musky floral scent which is very grounding and nurtures the soul.

Pure Rose essential oil is suitable for all skin types however especially so for dry, sensitive or ageing skin with an astringent effect that can be helpful for reducing redness caused by enlarged capillaries.Patchouli is a very valuable oil for some skin conditions such as eczema, cracked skin or fungal infections due to its antiseptic and fungicidal properties, it is also a cell-regenerator.

You can even enjoy our daily moisturiser as a light body moisturiser, it creates a unique perfume once settled with your own body chemistry.

Here is what one satisfied customer had to say about our daily moisturiser-

“We love the daily moisturiser and I find (Karen) that it lasts all day whereas other creams need topping up. Hatty has found that her roseacea is not as angry since using the cream. We get increasingly disheartened with the amount of chemicals that are used in creams etc so it is great to find a good product at a reasonable price. Sadly there is a tendency for natural and handmade products here to be overly priced!!Love and light Karen and Hatty” xx

Hythe Kent UK

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