Simple yet effective skin care - avoid the hype!

Date Posted:31 January 2014 


Our skin is one of our greatest assets and protector so it is wise to treat it lovingly and simply.
The 3 basic requirements for skin health are to cleanse, nourish and protect.
You can achieve all three of these requirements easily and effectively with our quality range.
No matter what your skin type I would recommend a gentle cleanser such as our mild, lush cleansing cream.
For best results we need only cleanse at night removing makeup, impurities and stress from the day with the exception of oily skin which would benefit from morning and night cleansing.
Nourishing is made easy with our hemp rich products - choose from either our daily moisturiser, night cream, skin soothe or ultimate face oil for your particular skin type.
As a guide our daily moisturiser is best suited to normal/dry skin types.
Night cream is wonderful to use for very dry/ageing skin and can be used daily also.Skin soothe is perfect for oily and acne prone skin types while combination skin can benefit from using our ultimate face oil toward the outer areas of the face(dry) and skin soothe over the top and T-zone area to balance sebum.
Often it is advised to use a toner between cleansing and moisturising however this is not necessary with the exception of oily skin - a toner can help to reduce open pores associated with oily skin. Our skin soothe moisturiser is rich in witch hazel floral water which has a gentle astringent quality that also helps to tone the skin.
hemp hemp hooray skin care helps you in the final requirement of protection due to the wonderful essential fatty acid and antioxidant rich ingredients such as hemp oil and natural non GMO vitamin E, along with the natural sun protection qualities of shea butter and hemp oil.
It is still vital to take car in the sun, using common sense and extra protection such as a hat and SPF 30 foundations and sunscreens when needed.
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