We may not all be experts, however we can all certainly be a voice!

Author: Teresa McDowell  Date Posted:30 March 2015 

What is an area of most concern to you?  What sparks a fire in you that you wish you could act on?

Do you hold back, stay quiet, leave the challenge to others for fear of not knowing enough or feeling your skills of articulation aren't up to speed?

This has been very true for me over the years; many issues ignite concerns for me, issues such as the blatant hypocrisy of prohibition on cannabis/hemp, the degradation of our precious environment and all matters of human rights.

Having left school half way through year 12 and never receiving my high school certificate I always carried this feeling of being somewhat less than.  I realise now of course that this is nonsense; however I still struggle from time to time with the fear of stepping into a situation with individuals that may have greater qualifications, powers of persuasion or more letters behind their names.

We mustn’t let the fear of another’s expertise cloud our qualities of passion or compassionate intent.  I feel it is essential that those of us who see injustice, wrong doing or issues that need changing, find the strength to navigate the arena and act in the best way we can to effect change.  I believe the best way is to find our voice, however quiet or shaky, whether filled with fear or resounding love.

We must create dialogue, we must not sit in silence and we must search out those individuals who can help us to work toward a common goal.

There is much going on in the political and corporate realm that can leave us questioning and even feeling as if the lunatics have control of the asylum.  We mustn’t let that dishearten us for there are also many incredible individuals and organisations working toward positive change, sustainable alternatives and a new paradigm. 

So I guess in the end my simple message is "Be the insightful compassionate voices that speak for many and let not the 'qualifications' of others rattle your knowing heart".




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You're an Inspiration!

By: on 21 October 2016
I myself never completed high school and I have recently turned 50. I have always worked for other people helping to create their dream and feel I've missed the boat to create my own dream. I too believe in the power of hemp seed oil and hemp as a medicine for cancer. I can't understand why my so called "intellectual" friends don't see this and two of my close male friends who have and are experiencing cancer won't even consider cannabis as an option. So my husband tells me it's ok to believe in this stuff but keep it to yourself. Maybe because nobody would consider the opinion of someone who hasn't received a degree. I don't know. Sometimes I believe people can be too "educated"/"endoctrined" for their own good I love hearing honest stories like your own. Keep up your amazing work!

Always the best cont

21 July 2016
Always the best content from these proigidous writers.

Love this!

By: on 1 February 2016
Such an inspiring post. Anything is possible and if you have the dream, vision, desire and will power to follow you passion then it can be achieved. Love what you do and love the post.x

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