Hemp - milk bath

Author: Teresa McDowell  Date Posted:6 January 2018 

Treat yourself to the luxury of a hemp and milk bath, relax, unwind and nurture that body that serves you so well.

Long hot baths are wonderful to de-stress, yet the heat can compromise the skin leaving it dehydrated.  One way to counter balance this effect and still enjoy a long relax is to add a blend of milk and hemp seed oil to your bath.

The lactic acid in milk helps to gently exfoliate, clean and soften the skin while hemp seed oil replenishes lost moisture and essential fatty acids which our skin needs for optimal health.

To 3-4 litres of cows or goats milk add 1-2 tablespoons of cold pressed hemp seed oil ( the milk also acts as an emulsifier to blend the hemp oil in the water).  Add up to 6 drops max. of your favourite essential oils

Sprinkle 1 cup of Epsom salts into water, swish water to disperse.

Add milk and hemp oil blend to the bath water.

If you have any extremely dry areas on your body, like elbows or knees, rub a little hemp oil in those areas before sliding into bath.  

Lay back - enjoy! 

Hemp seed oil 

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