FIVE Reasons why HEMP should be incorporated into our daily lives

Author: Teresa  Date Posted:10 July 2014 

Industrial Hemp has wide ranging potential and a plethora of uses too numerous to mention in one blog post.  Today however  I would like to highlight five of the most essential benefits we could all be taking advantage of.


1.  Skin health and best overall moisturiser  

Hemp oils ability to deeply moisturise and condition the skin make hemp seed oil the perfect choice for natural skin care.  As hemp oil's EFA (essential fatty acid) profile so closely resembles the skin's natural lipids (fats), hemp oil instantly counteracts the effects of oil loss and dehydration, conditions that produce dry skin.  You can safely use hemp oil as a moisturiser without the worry of it clogging your pores.

The topical application of LA fatty acid rich Hemp oil works as an anti-inflammatory and partially compensates for the lower ceramide levels in the skin thus reducing the appearance of aging or inflamed skin.  Hemp Oil has a natural SPF of 6 and although this is not a high SPF it does not interfere with the absorption of Vitamin D.  Hemp oil skin care products benefit many compromised skin condition such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, cuts and abrasions.


2.  Optimal Health

Hemp seed oil and hulled hemp seeds are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet - packed with essential vitamins and minerals, protein and amino acids and the perfect balance of essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6 & 9).  

This complete food source is vital for optimal human health.


3.  Heart Health - lowering cholesterol

Hemp seed's omega 3 content can help control and even lower cholesterol while possibly decreasing platelet stickiness and your risk factor for atherosclerosis or clogged arteries.  It is a wonderful alternative to fish oil as there is growing concern over fish stocks and the potential risk of toxicity (mercury levels etc.).  Hemp oil has NO toxic elements.


4.  Clothing

Hemp fibre is more durable, breathable and has less toxic by-products than other clothing choices such as synthetics, nylon and even cotton.  The first Levi Strauss jeans were made from Hemp.  The fabric softens over time and many people talk of 'that Hemp shirt' they've had for years!  With many more brands popping up and designers choosing hemp the options are very exciting - you also know you are making a conscious choice for the environment as well.


5.  Environment 

While improving overall health and the health of our skin, hair and nails we can also support our environment through the sustainable cultivation of Industrial Hemp.  With its multitude of clean green applications such as NON GMO food products, non-toxic oil products, skin care, clean bio fuels, building materials, textiles, animal bedding/fodder and much much more.  Hemp is a great carbon sink locking in tonnes of carbon - one hectare of industrial hemp can absorb 22 tonnes of CO2 per hectare.  Hemp house building can result in a carbon neutral home while being fire retardant, termite resistant,  well insulated and your home will 'breathe', making it perfect for anyone with allergies.  Many modern homes don't breathe resulting in damp, mould and generally unhealthy homes. 

One acre of hemp produces as much cellulose fibre pulp as 4.1 acres of trees!  A crops turnaround is also 4-5 months as opposed to 20 years for trees.  It makes sense to me!


If these brief facts have sparked your interest, I urge you to research more and remember, Google is your friend :) 


Blessings, Teresa 


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