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Author: Courtney  Date Posted:7 February 2017 


If you work hard and play hard, skin care is essential to keeping your skin looking good - especially, if you travel a lot and love sports that involve exposure to the sun, wind and salt. 


If you don't regularly wash your car, dirt builds up and ultimately fine grain dirt gets rubbed into the paintwork causing damage; the longer you leave it the worse it gets. Your skin is exactly the same – a great maintenance routine will keep your skin looking good always.


How to get started? The key is to start with a simple daily routine, then add some weekly additions that are more intensive to really see results. It’s essential to clean your skin morning and night – we recommend our Cleansing Cream followed by our Skin soothe with its crisp scent and great moisturising properties.


Shaving can leave skin feeling bare, literally, so a couple of times a week we suggest using 


Hemp Hemp Hooray’s Ultimate Face Oil a couple of times a week - this is a power packed oil that really makes your skin feel like new. 


Great skin takes more than just great skincare though; you have to take a holistic approach. Drinking lots of water will help. Once you get into the habit of drinking two litres a day you see your skin become clearer. As well as, possibly, trying to make meals start big and taper off throughout the day. Maintaining a good diet is the hardest challenge for most guys. 


Generally keeping active is also important, preferably with outdoors activities like windsurfing, sailing, skiing and stand-up paddle boarding.  


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