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Date Posted:25 July 2014 

As a “skincare novice” approaching a new regime can seem daunting, especially when you come across a brand with a few too many products.  


When I was younger, I was such a novice. Not just to skincare, but to the importance of looking after yourself by using a natural, chemical free product. 

Your skin absorbs up to 60% of whatever you put on it – creams, moisturisers, make-up, and even that accidental, but regular dosage of hairspray. So it should go without saying, that if you are going to look after your skin then feeding it chemicals, parabens and synthetic substances is not a good place to start. However, we often overlook this. 

This is what is so amazing about Hemp Hemp Hooray. 

Considered to have, by our team and amazing customers, the most restorative range,  Hemp Hemp Hooray products are formulated using a unique combination of therapeutic components of Hemp Seed Oil and aromatherapy. Not a single synthetic chemical, preservative or fragrance is used in the Hemp Hemp Hooray hand-manufacturing process.

Hemp Hemp Hooray uses 100 per cent natural plant extracts and essences. These plant essences are so naturally complex and subtle that they are difficult to replicate in a lab. As always, nature had it right from the beginning, we just needed to catch up! 

So, what do I suggest for those who are just starting out on their skincare enlightenment? 

First – take a minute to discover your skin type. Whether you have oily, dry, sensitive or delicate skin. Not sure how to go about doing this? Take a moment to look in the mirror. If your skin is quite shiny you may be prone to oily skin. Your skin may be on dry side if you feel like your smile lines are visible even when you’re straight-faced. If most products tend to react on your skin, or if you experience redness and irritation then your skin is sensitive and delicate.

Now that we have that sorted, the next step is to pick your products. 

If you’re an “essentials only” type of person then I would suggest investing in the Acne Pack. The pack comes with two simple, but very effective steps, to rejuvenate and nourish your skin. The pack includes:



  • Cleansing Cream (250ml)

  • Skin Soothe (100g)

  • Hemp cloth


And while it is called Acne Pack, it isn’t necessarily just for acne-prone skin. It is perfect for all skin types with healing and restoration in mind.

However, for those who still want simplicity but have a bit more time to indulge their skin, I’d recommend adding to the Acne Pack and include our gorgeous night cream and eye emulsion, both of which contain a luxurious blend of the finest natural oils best suited for normal to very dry skin types.


Treat yourself, and try Hemp Hemp Hooray! 



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21 July 2016
No qutseion this is the place to get this info, thanks y'all.

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