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Hemp HAND CREAM (100g)

Apply daily to revitalise the appearance of dry hands... Nourish, protect and restore the health of dry cracked skin.


"Best Seller" - Skin Soothe

Relieves skin compromised or chapped by the elements... Suitable for all skin types including oily/combination, especially acne prone or sensitive skin... Great aftershave for men!


Body lotion (250ml)

Improves overall softness of the skin... Great for after sun care - sunburn... Hydrates and protects the skin


Blossom Blend (100ml)

A beautiful blend for 'Mum's and Bubs'... SAFE for use during pregnancy... Up-lift, de-stress and nurture, through massage or gentle touch.... Leaves skin rejuvenated, soft and supple.


Beard Tonic (30ml)

Our luscious hemp & argan oil beard tonic is the perfect blend to soften and tame those wonderful whiskers or enhance that designer stubble... Promotes a healthy sheen... Helps alleviate dry skin or beard-ruff'


Special Body Blend (100ml)

All over body massage oil with a silky, easy glide formula... Relieves tension and stiffness in aching muscles and joints... Induces relaxation