G'day all, Simon McDowell here..

yes Teresa's husband!


I thought it would be great to get a guy's opinion on our products so you know what has worked in the past for us men.....  I'll try not to be too biased and just give you the real deal when it comes to Hemp Hemp Hooray products.

Firstly I must admit I don't use all of the products all of the time and I can be somewhat slack when it comes to any sort of skin care routine. 

You know the old story of the car mechanic who owns the crappy old car right?....  Well.....


Anyway, let's start with my favourite product below:  Skin soothe......

Skin Soothe

the first aid kit in a jar!


If you are anything like me and try to attack ten jobs around the house and yard at once you will no doubt have encountered the time when you were doing one thing and thinking about another.  This usually ends up with an injury of some sort or other, skin off or cuts and generally just dripping blood everywhere.  I find before applying the usual electrical tape repair, Skin Soothe applied to the area is a great way to slow down the bleeding and clean up the area so that you can continue on with that 'sometimes' stupid task that you 'just have to' finish today all the while thinking "why the hell did I start this anyway?".

Seriously though after washing the area put the skin soothe on and then wrap it up, preferably with a clean bandage - you know you only bring out the electrical tape here if all else fails right!  By the time you finish your days mucking around and take the (whatever) off the injury you will find the skin clean and well on its way to being healed.  Honestly there hasn't been a spot on my body that I haven't applied this stuff, it works a treat, doesn't sting (as if you'd worry about that... grrrr) and is safe to apply wherever it is needed.

As an aftershave cream (not that I need it) skin soothe works great and it heals all those cuts you get when you forget to buy a new razor.

Sunburn....  after a big day riding the bike through the twisties or laying on the beach (not that I do much of the latter) this cream does as the name suggests, soothes very well. Rusty old skin itch, rash spots, any ol' skin conditions just lather it on morning and night and you'll be right!

Honestly we have some good old time legends (senior fellows) who buy this all the time for their blasted psoriasis; they say it’s the only thing that works.


Beard Tonic

My next favourite product


Well of course it is I hear you say :)  

It doesn't matter if you are a desk jocky, an outdoorsman or a blend of both, the beard tonic tends to tame the most stubborn of beards.  If you're tired of scaring the kids here is how you foil the frizz - once out of the shower leave your beard slightly damp, now grab the beard oil and here is the tricky bit,  the length of  your beard will determine the amount of oil you will put onto your hand (small beards one pump, medium two and so-on, you'll work it out I'm sure).  

Rub the oil into both hands evenly and then just work it into your beard without missing any of it.

Once all rubbed in, grab an especially designed brush or comb (well not really but it sounds good!) and give it a good brush.  First upwards from the neck up and then down; I find using one of those flat palm shaped brushes it exfoliates (is that really a word?) your skin under your beard, yet is sensitive enough not to pull half your face off if you have a couple of knots.  We all know what that's like don't we fella's.....

When rubbing in make sure you push the oil against your skin to reduce any skin itch, especially the apprentice beardsmen, sometimes you do get that early itch, the oil helps you get passed the itch stage easy.

For my fellow riders, if you suffer from itchy scalp after a few hours with the helmet on, using the oil helps here too.


I find it has a great scent too, not too strong, just a little at the start then it fades to leave a subtle tone - so if the wife comes close enough for some lip action she will love the scent too :)


Cleansing Cream

The what!  I hear you say!....  now hold on a minute.


If you end your day of working or playing and you find your face or body is covered in all manner of filth there is nothing better to get it off in the shower like a squirt of Cleansing cream.  After a couple of pumps into your hand, lather it up and slap it on.  Work (massage) it in well and then rinse off with a hemp face washer... ta da.... as clean as a whistle. Don't worry too, your eyes will be fine, not like after those nightclubs with all the smoke back in the day... ya know what I mean?


Heck if the girls can use it to wash off their eye makeup stuff in the shower then it should be fine for us too.










Hemp Hand Cream


This is the cream to use for any of those dry sores or skin conditions because it will hydrate your skin like no other product around..... It's full of all the good oils that really help your skin.


For all my tattooed friends this one is great for after tattoo care - to ensure you don't waste your money on your great art work this product is the bomb and will heal the work beautifully.  In fact our local tattoo artist swears by it...













The Super Hemp Seed Oil

If you're having any troubles on the 'inside' then a tablespoon of our organic food grade oil each morning will turn it around and everything will flow as it should.  Now I know that in Australia it is currently illegal to consume hemp seed oil (which is crazy) but hopefully this year we will see positive changes made. 


UPDATE:- You little rippa, at last... as of the 12th November we can all enjoy the health benefits of Australian Grown Hemp seeds and oil products.

Well at least we can do it legally now.... you all have to find something else to do that's illegal now, ha!


Another great use for the oil is as a simple skin oil.  During summer when the ol' skin dries out, pour a little on your hands and rub it over your face.....  it's great!










Special Body Blend

Now what can I say about this one......


The main time I (we) use this one is at night with the lights out... enough said??   


Yes, well....  great for those tired aching muscles and joints too :)